Useful ideas

15 simple and effective ideas that will help create a trendy interior in a modern style.


Modern style in the interior - one of the most popular in recent decades.

And there is an explanation: the most functional, it is created from the available interior and is fully adapted to the needs of the person.

We talk about the basic techniques that will help to create an interior in a modern style.

1. Bright details

Yellow chair as a color accent in a modern interior.

The interior in modern style may seem boring and monotonous. After all, it is dominated by restrained colors. To avoid this, it is enough to add some bright accents to the bus stop. It can be both small decorative elements, and the whole pieces of furniture. For example, a yellow ottoman.

2. A bit of shine

Brilliant decor in the interior.

All types of reflective surfaces - from mirrors to polished metal - become an expressive decor in a modern interior. Brilliant details gently enliven the environment, while not overloading it. Another advantage of shiny objects is their ability to visually increase living space.

3. Restrained colors

Gray-brown interior in a modern style.

In a modern interior restrained and calm colors prevail. The predominant ones are soft shades of brown and gray. In such an environment it is nice to relax as well as do your favorite thing. In addition, such a neutral background will not be annoying and will not get tired even after a few years.

4. Such an important decor

The interior is modern in style with different decor.

The interior in modern style acquires character and individuality due to various decorative elements. But the decor should be used metered. The abundance of small ornaments will overload the interior. We recommend to pay attention to the functional decor - pillows, rugs, vases, mirrors.

The modern interior is always eclectic.

The interior in modern style is in many ways popular due to its openness to any experiments. It will harmoniously look like neoclassical furniture, and ethnic figurines. The main thing - to withstand a uniform color scheme and restraint of the interior.

6. The luxury of complex textures

Different textures revive the interior.

The more different textures in the interior - the deeper and more expressive it will look. Natural or artificial fur, velvet, textured leather, knitted fabric ... There are many options, as well as combinations.

7. Laconic forms

In the modern interior is dominated by simple forms.

Intricate forms are not peculiar to the interior in a modern style. At the heart of most of the items that make up the furnishings is a square or a circle. Carved or forged elements, multi-layer draperies look good, but in the modern interior they can be present only as an almost imperceptible decor.

8. Functional and comfortable furniture.

Comfortable furniture is an integral part of the modern interior.

The modern interior is maximally adapted to the needs of its inhabitants. Therefore, the furniture in it is comfortable and practical. The use of multifunctional furniture and furniture-transformers is welcomed. Such items are compact but capable of performing several functions.

9. The fewer things, the better

Minimalistic decor in a modern interior.

In many ways, the modern style in the interior is based on minimalism. Therefore, overloading the room with unnecessary items is not worth it. The functionality of the situation is always paramount, if the task is to design the interior in the style of contemporary.

10. The wealth of natural materials

In the modern interior is dominated by natural materials.

Democratic modern style allows the use of all materials, regardless of their price category. So, on the floor can lie as linoleum and parquet. But it is thanks to natural materials that modern style becomes exclusive. Therefore, making a choice between the material of natural origin and its artificial substitute, it is better to stay at the first.

11. Unusual finish as the highlight of the interior

Concrete walls in a modern interior.

Modern style is open to innovation and bold experimentation. In particular, with finishing materials. Therefore, even a cement wall or decor of voluminous panels will be appropriate in the interior. The main thing is not to create excessive contrast.

12. Expressive prints

Prints will decorate the discreet interior in a modern style.

Geometric prints simultaneously emphasize the severity of the modern interior and enliven it. Abstract paintings with matching patterns, decorative pillow covers, curtains or carpet - you choose.

13. Living plants are never superfluous.

Living plants for comfort in the apartment.

Any living plant makes the interior cozier and more comfortable. Plants in large outdoor pots will perfectly fit into the modern style. In addition, the original pots can be an additional decor for the room. Some types of plants require minimal care, so they are suitable even for those who do not consider themselves to be lovers to take care of home fauna.

14. Lighting that transforms the interior

Multi-level lighting in a modern interior.

Lighting devices of unusual colors or shapes transform the interior, acting as its decoration. Among the current models - lamps on a common rod or the same ceiling, hanging in a row.

15. Maximum air

Spacious and half-empty rooms are obligatory in modern style.

Spacious can even be a room with a small area. It is only necessary to remove from it all the necessary things, creating maximum freedom of movement on it.