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Autumn home decor and Halloween ideas


Autumn has come, has begun to play with colors and I want to transfer this mood into the house, fill it with warmth, sunshine and the aroma of ripe fruits! Dream, use interesting vases, unusual objects and materials to create beautiful autumn compositions. Replace textiles (curtains, furniture covers and pillows, napkins and sticks) with warmer and brighter colors, set the table for a family dinner with gifts of nature and get a dose of positive these days! Good luck!

Glass vases

Beautiful glass vessels and vases of various shapes are sure to be useful in decorating the interior. You can fill them with any objects that are reminiscent of the autumn season and spent on nature weekends. Everything will be useful: colorful leaves, clusters of mountain ash and viburnum, rosehip berries and chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts, ornamental gourds, fruits, and ears.

Pumpkin as decor

Bright orange, striped and green pumpkins of various shapes and sizes are sure to add to your home decor. Large copies fit well into the desktop composition with vegetables and fruits, and you can fill small vessels with decorative pumpkins, vases, make an autumn garland of them or use them as miniature candlesticks. A wreath decorated with small pumpkins will look festively.

Or maybe just put them on the shelf and be surprised by the diversity of nature?


Are you used to bouquets of flowers? But we have autumn, which means we will have an unusual bouquet of foliage, beautifully curved branches with clusters of berries, with ears and garden flowers. By the way, ceramic vases, simple, reminiscent of handicraft and retaining the warmth of human hands, are perfect for such a bouquet.

A kind of bouquet can be considered such interior decoration as topiary. The "tree of happiness", created from ripe fruits and flowers, will bring well-being, goodness and beauty into the house.

Flowers + fruits

Another version of the autumn bouquet - flower and fruit composition. And the flowers are used both garden and indoor: marigolds, kareopsis, sunflower heads, sedums, room ivy, reo, viburnum sprigs, mountain ash and hawthorn. Fruits in this composition can also be very different (which is gathered in the garden, then it is used) apples, plums, pears, quince, eggplants, sweet peppers, tomatoes, squash, onions and garlic. Even cherry tomatoes and red chilli pepper can be found a place. The pumpkin-waza will complete your creation and will look very organic. Fragrant!


What a romantic evening without candles? And a rainy evening in late autumn? They will create an atmosphere of warmth and positive, set up a romantic mood and simply add lightness and brightness to your communication. Candlestick options for a huge variety, we are sure that you will come up with more than a dozen! Just use everything that nature gives us these days:

  • carved leaves
  • maple wings
  • acorns
  • the nuts
  • corn and beans
  • cinnamon sticks

Add ribbons, string, beads, buttons to the decor and everything around will be transformed. By the way, candles can pick up flavored with the smell of pear, mandarin or cinnamon.


The wreath is a universal decoration. It can be hung on the door, put on the shelf or attached to the wall. You can decorate a chimney with a wreath or a chandelier above the dining table. In any case, to create a wreath, you will need a frame to which all the decoration elements will be attached. The framework of the required diameter can be woven from wicker, flexible branches, make it from cardboard or wire. To the finished frame with glue, wire and thread, attach the autumn decor, tie with ribbons or make bows of beautiful fabric. Be sure to make a loop for mounting on the back of the wreath.


This plant retains its fiery color and in a dried form, so it is often used to design compositions. Feel free to use Physalis in your decors: wreaths, bouquets and table setting.


Creativity and inspiration from you will require the creation of wall panels in the autumn interior. Think what to choose as the basis of the panel, so that it looks harmonious in your home. It can be a fabric stretched over a frame, a grid, a wooden shield or the remains of interesting wallpaper. Look at ordinary things from a different angle and find additional options. Try not to complicate the picture of the panel itself - thanks to bright colors and unusual materials, it will already attract attention. The extra details will simply be lost in the overall picture and will overload it.

Textiles in the autumn interior

The fastest way to change the interior is with the help of textiles: you simply change the covers on upholstered furniture, curtains or tablecloth to sets of sunny autumn tones, with applique or embroidery in the form of leaves, fruits and sunflowers. Of course, this is possible provided that they are ready for you. And if not? ... Well, autumn has just begun, and you have time to start creating the Golden Autumn set! Moreover, then he will come in handy more than once.

A fun and simple idea with oven mitts for hot pans. It is easy to sew them even from small pieces of fabric that remained after sewing (by the way, does your husband have many forgotten and unused ties?). A practical and bright accessory for your kitchen is ready!

Table setting

Family dinner will be much tastier if you gather at a beautiful, and originally served, table! Napkins with the image of yellow, scarlet, burgundy leaves and berries, rings for them in the form of acorns or rowan clusters, a glass vase with spikelets, physalis sprigs, bright leaves and autumn flowers, an orange-colored tablecloth, candles, cones, chestnuts are all your shades beautiful autumn mood!

Original decor

We advise you to fantasize and use additionally various objects and materials. This approach can give unexpected solutions and unusually decorate the house. Remember that the autumn decor does not have to be practical, the main thing is that it creates a mood, pleases the eye and surprises!

October 31 marks an unusual and mystical Halloween holiday - the night when witches, sorcerers, ghosts and all evil spirits roam noisefully through the streets and knock on decent citizens in the windows of houses with screams: Treat or trick! - Treat or regret it!

The history of the holiday goes far back centuries and is associated with the end of the harvest of the Celts. Nowadays, Halloween has turned into a fun and slightly creepy masquerade, where your task will be to scare your friends and neighbors and, of course, be very scared by yourself!

The main attributes of Halloween are a pumpkin depicting a head and lit from inside candles (Jack's lamp), candles of black, red, purple and orange colors, and fancy dresses, caps and images of witches, ghosts, skeletons, vampires and bats ...

Pumpkin in a festive decor

Pumpkin in a festive decor of an interior is used in different options:

  • Jack's lamp (smiling, illuminated from the inside)
  • candle holders
  • garlands of decorative pumpkins
  • compositions for fireplaces and tableware
  • decorated with ribbons, prints, guipure, rhinestones
  • ice bucket
  • dessert sockets for sweets

Instead of a real pumpkin, you can easily use bright oranges - a great idea for a small composition. An extra bonus is the delicious pulp for making dessert.

Such ghosts are well suited for the garden or porch of the house. But in the interior they can be used very successfully, perhaps slightly reducing their size.

Halloween candles

Prints and stickers

Prints and stickers in the form of bats, witches with brooms, ghosts and skulls will enliven any corner of the house. Moreover, it is quite easy to make them with your own hands: if you carefully cut a vampire bat out of paper, you can use the rest of the paper as a stencil for drawing a picture on the surface (table, glasses, lampshades, window glass) or cloth.

When decorating walls and ceilings with paper figures, leave one wing of the mouse or the legs of the spider not glued, then with the lights on they will look three-dimensional and very scary! And because we just need it?)

Bats and small ghosts ("scary, but cute") settled on the chandelier. This required a cardboard tray for eggs, black paint, autumn leaves and ribbons for hanging. Simple and fast.

We serve the table

For a real Halloween feast, be sure to prepare the table: cover it with a tablecloth with a web pattern, with spiders and skulls, in general, with different “horrible” elements. Install old iron candelabra or candlesticks, such as black. Floated candles, spiderwebs (gauze to help you), bones and dishes of dark colors will support the mystical atmosphere.

Think over snacks in a subject. Your friends will be happy to eat pizza with ghosts, zombie finger rolls, spider tartlets and pumpkin cookies. Throw jelly worms and jaws in glasses with drinks - the banquet was a success!

Rings for napkins with shaggy spiders.