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17 ideas for bathrooms, which need to take note of those who are planning a repair


It often happens that the bathroom in the house is paid attention to last. And if he is also really very tiny, then I don’t want to do anything special at all.

And in vain. On these 17 actual ideas of registration of bathrooms of different types and the sizes, definitely it is worth looking at those who plans repair.

1. Cream tones

Bathroom in cream tones.

A small adjacent bathroom with large cream tiles on the walls, a large mirror, a shower stall, a classic bollard, a laid-back washbasin, a modern wall-mounted toilet and a small niche in the wall for a beautiful vase.

2. Color solution

Unusual bathroom in gray.

A small bathroom with a gray-brown finish, stylized as a natural stone, with neat modern fixtures, a floor-standing sink and original lighting that makes this room interesting and fascinating.

3. Loft

Stylish toilet in the style of loft.

A small, but very stylish and interesting example of a loft-style toilet design with a combined wall decoration, a classic toilet, a small wall-mounted washbasin, a mirror in the original frame and creative lights that have become a peculiar highlight of this space.

4. Modern style

A bathroom in a modern style.

Awesome bathroom with large panels of noble gray color on the walls, modern bathroom fixtures and wonderful wooden details that are in perfect harmony with the decoration and in addition to practical functions also perform decorative.

5. Calm combination

Bathroom in white and gray tones.

The calm interior of the adjacent bathroom, decorated in white and gray tones, with a classic bath, overhead washbasin and a modern wall-mounted toilet.

6. Cheerful design

Cheerful interior of the bathroom.

Bright and cheerful interior of a standard en-suite bathroom, with original white and green tiled trim, with compact modern fixtures, open shelves and multi-level lighting.

7. Scandinavian style

Bright bathroom in the Scandinavian style.

A stunning bathroom, decorated in the current Scandinavian style, with white rectangular tiles on the walls, a functional cabinet made of light wood, a large mirror and a false washbasin. Outstanding features of this space became a black toilet, located by a black and white striped wall and concise lamps in the industrial style.

8. Eclectic

Calm interior in a mixed style.

A bright bathroom with an accent gray wall, a full bath, a hinged toilet, wonderful light wood shelves, a large unframed mirror and a hinged pedestal with a blue glass top and a small built-in sink.

9. Sunny interior

White and yellow bathroom.

A tiny bathroom with a combined white and yellow finish, a corner bathtub, a small hanging sink and wonderful green rugs are a great example of a small bathroom in a Khrushchev or socket.

10. Accent wall

Spectacular wall in the interior of the bathroom.

A light adjacent bathroom with a classic toilet, a bathroom hidden behind glass curtains, a massive wooden cabinet and an accent wall decorated with ceramic tiles with an active pattern that has become the accent center of this space.

11. Heavenly shade

Bright bathroom with a blue accent wall.

Laconic interior of a small adjacent bathroom, with a hanging bedside table in the corner, overhead sink, an original mirror cabinet, a spacious shower stall and an accent wall lined with ceramic tiles in a pleasant sky-blue hue.

12. Minimalism

Bathroom in minimalism style.

The elegant interior of a narrow bathroom in the style of minimalism with an unusual light finish, modern fixtures and an abundance of gold hardware, which brings to the interior notes of nobility and luxury.

13. Royal chic

Bathroom in classic style.

Gorgeous bathroom in a classic style, the main features of which was the original "quilted" wall decoration, the presence of gold details and a luxurious bathroom curtain with pickup.

14. Classic combination

Modern bathroom in black and white.

A small modern bathroom decorated with large tiles of black and white color, a compact hinged pedestal and a full modern bathroom.

15. Maritime style

Adjacent bathroom in nautical style.

The charming interior of the adjacent bathroom, decorated in a nautical style with contrasting white and blue walls, a shower stall, a classic toilet and a themed picture on the wall.

16. Monochrome black

Bathroom in monochrome black.

Fascinating interior of the bathroom, decorated in monochrome black color, with a compact shower stall, a modern toilet bowl, a pedestal, a false washbasin and a mirror with an unusual lighting on the sides.

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17. Fashionable tiles

Bathroom with original shower.

Stylish modern design of the bathroom, the main feature of which was a spacious shower stall, decorated with fashionable black tiles in the form of honeycombs and a shelf-niche, decorated with fascinating lighting.

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