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16 best color combinations that significantly transform the interior of the apartment


Sometimes, to make a room cozy, expensive repair with the use of ultramodern materials and even exclusive furniture is absolutely not necessary.

All that is needed is just to choose the right color combinations. It is enough to follow certain rules to make sure that these rules work.

1. Beige gray bedroom

Gray, beige and cream colors are neutral shades and are ideal for bedroom interior.

2. saturated blue

The room is calm gray with bright color accents.

3. Sunny bedroom

Yellow color will visually increase the area of ​​the room, and pink and blue accents will make the bedroom bright and romantic.

4. Bedroom in turquoise colors

All shades of blue and green are perfect for the bedroom as they have soothing and relaxing properties.

5. Exquisite gray

Refined and discreet gray will be in perfect harmony with your favorite bright details.

6. Delicate lilac

Wallpaper of a gentle lilac color is ideal for the bedroom walls, and the green elements of the decor add freshness to the room.

7. Juicy greens

Shades of green and white are great colors for the living room.

8. Delicate peach

Kitchen in shades of peach and orange.

9. Cool

Cool shades of blue and gray are suitable for the interior of any room.

10. A riot of colors

Bright pink, yellow, blue in combination with beige - ideal for the decor of a youth bedroom.

11. Brick shades

Subdued shades of brick will look great in combination with the light walls of the living room.

12. Bright splash

Saturated pink walls of the living room can be diluted with white furniture and decor items in blue.

13. Black and white classics

Classic black and white interior can be diluted with a rich green accent.

14. Bright living room

Bright furniture and decor items will look very fresh in combination with white walls.

15. Gentle children

Delicate powdery shades in combination with blue accents will look great in the interior of the children's bedroom.

16. Pastel colors

Subdued light shades of beige, blue and green are perfect for the living room or dining room.