Useful ideas

19 ideas from childhood that can be realized now by making your home a dream home


Everybody once in their childhood represented the house of their dreams and thought, and when they grew up, they understood that it would take an effort to fulfill their dreams. One wanted to have an outdoor pool on the roof of the house, and others, on the contrary, to plunge into the fairy tale of the forest, resorting to decorating a room or the whole house in a "forest" style.

This review contains 19 ideas that will push you to make your dreams come true.

1. Bed-aquarium

Nothing beats this bed.

What could be more beautiful when you wake up, and small fish quietly float over you, this bed has not only a calming effect, but also immersing you from the very morning into the element of the “sea”. It will also help you to relax in the evening after a hard day’s work.

2. A chandelier that turns a room into a wood

A new idea for an unusual chandelier.

To do this, you just have to decorate the chandelier with small sprigs resembling threads. When the light is on, especially at night, it seems that you are in the most often of this little fairy tale.

3. Outdoor pool

Everyone, probably, dreams that in his house - dreams on the roof there was an outdoor pool.

This pool creates the impression that it has no beginning and end, and this is so fascinating. What can be more beautiful than after a hard day’s work to plunge into this element, which is fascinating with its uniqueness and originality.

4. Swing table

They will take you back to childhood.

Make an iron frame in the shape of a rectangle, put a dining table in the middle, and from the frame let loose cables that will hold the chairs on which you will sit, but without legs, this intricate design will keep you.

5. Beach sand under the desk

If you work remotely from work, then this is a great option for those who are not used to office dress code and shoes.

This is a great option for those who have small children at home.

You will have more time to clean up or do your own thing while your children have fun riding this ladder.

7. Glass floor and open shaft for your bathroom

Well, this idea is absolutely for brave men.

Of course, it should be noted that this idea can still be translated into reality, but there are not too many people who will agree to this, since the panic fear that a person can fall will not leave anyone indifferent to this.

8. Table - billiards

A great option for those who save space in the house.

Two in one and dining table and billiards. Dined, pushed the table cover and your leisure is ready, you can enjoy playing with friends, and when you get tired, then you will return everything to its original state.

9. Bed hammock

Very interesting idea for a country house.

If you are tired of the bed, then this design will be able to please you. Attach to the ceiling four strong cable, which will hang the base of your bed. The advantage of this bed is that it will not reach the floor, and you can swing on it like on a hammock.

10. Bookcase under the stairs

Great idea for a modern library.

This is not only convenient, but also a significant saving of space in your home. Books are always on their shelves, and dust is collected less than in an open area.

11. Clear bath

Bath, which is always pleasing to the eye.

It can be not only the embodiment of your dreams, but also a very interesting idea, which not only fits perfectly into any bathroom interior, but also serves as its complement.

12. Home theater

You can no longer spend your time and money, arrange viewing of your favorite movies at home.

You have lots of friends at home, and you love to watch different films. Arrange a display of the house in your yard, cozy, at home, in the open air and at no extra cost.

13. Walk in the fresh air for pets

This is an interesting idea, your pets on the street, but at the same time the paws do not get dirty.

Create pet cages on the walls of the house. At any time of the day or night, they can go out without disturbing you.

14. Cabinet in the fresh air

A good idea for working outdoors.

If you are tired of sitting indoors, children are noisy in the house and prevent you from concentrating on work, then this idea is for you. Create your office in the yard, fresh air is always useful, and the bustle of your home will not interfere with your work.

15. Vertical garden in the kitchen for green

If you do not have a garden, this does not mean that you should always buy greens in the store.

Any hostess may need greens for cooking. Highlight one wall in your kitchen for a vertical garden for greenery. Grow it all year round right in the kitchen without any difficulties.

16. Doors for table tennis

If you like to play table tennis, and space in your house is limited, then this idea is for you.

Make a table of a game out of an ordinary door, and when you want to play, you will freely turn the door into a horizontal position, and it will become a table for a game. Ideological and space saving.

17. Pirate ship for games

Children will love the idea of ​​a ship on the wall.

Surprise your children with a built ship on the wall. It is suitable for both games and their personal space. There they will create their nest, where they will spend time with pleasure alone and with friends.

18. Bed on the wall for a child

Create your baby an amazing and unusual room on the wall.

You always want to come up with an original and not ordinary bedroom for a child, and so that a lot of things can fit in it. Create a bed on the wall of the room, in the form of a house. This idea will save space in the room for other things and games, and the child will love it. After all, not every parent is so ideological.

19. Spiral Basement

All often have an ordinary basement, which is located in the summer kitchen, shed or hallway. It's time to keep up with the times.

I would like to suggest the idea of ​​a spiral basement in the kitchen. Convenient and unusual. Due to the spiral steps, your shelves are located near each step. You do not always need to go down to the basement completely. Also such a basement is convenient for storing wine.