Useful ideas

Trendy color of wenge, or From nursery to bedroom, made in noble shades

Designers are not asleep, constantly "arming themselves" with new ideas from the simplest to the most modern, and sometimes even completely impudent. Some resorted to cunning tricks, combining the incompatible, others - on the contrary, pay special attention to trifles, and others - experiment with the noble color of wenge, adding it to the interior of houses and apartments, not only as a baseboard finish, but also furniture, walls, floors and accessories . Dark, saturated color with a multitude of shades looks perfect not only in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, but also in the bedroom and even in the nursery.

This color is perfect, it is not annoying, but on the contrary, it pleases the eye with the versatility of shades from deep burgundy to exquisite chocolate. Due to this, it is rather easy and simple to work with it, combining with a different color palette. Perhaps this is one of the few colors that can boast that even in a small apartment it will always look appropriate.

1. Plinth

In order for the interior to look harmonious, it is important to choose the colors of the floor, baseboards and doors when finishing the apartment.

The classics of the genre - light and dark.

2. Paul

If you want to combine the dark colors of the flooring, designers recommend choosing light colors for baseboards, door trims and platbands.

The combination of a floor and doors of one color will look harmoniously.

3. The door

This combination will be most harmoniously perceived in large rooms - living rooms, halls.

The room of the small square will be “crushed” by a large dark spot of the door.

4. Window frames

Do not be afraid to focus on window frames.

This color solution always remains win-win.

5. Furniture

Wenge chairs and table - perfect. It is not annoying, not annoying, and this is exactly what you need for a relaxing stay with your family or friends.

Wenge color cabinets - not only emphasize the interior, but also the impeccable taste of the apartment owners.

6. Children

To the atmosphere of the room of the child disposed to study or rest, choose furniture of the color of wenge.

The color of wenge in the nursery, will give calm and a sense of serenity.

7. Living room

Wenge in the living room will help highlight the perfect taste of the owners.

Light walls in combination with dark furniture - ideal for a living room.

8. Bedroom

Bedroom wenge to a minimalist environment and restraint colors.

To maintain comfort and warmth in space is possible thanks to the colors and shades of milk chocolate, faded rose or cocoa.

9. Hallway

Following the interior designers, the developers of furniture sets for hallways actively use the color of wenge in their products.

Even in imitation of wenge manufacturers try to preserve its natural advantages.

10. Kitchen

The interior, built on contrast, pleases the eye. Therefore, the color of wenge in the kitchen, combined with light, would be an excellent choice.

Designers recommend using wenge color for modern kitchen interiors.

11. Bathroom

Having fallen in love with wenge, do not lose your head, skillfully combining with other colors and shades.

The color of wenge in the interior of the bathroom associative sends hosts in the rainforests of Africa.

12. Accessories

You can put your favorite picture in a dark frame - and art will play in a new way.

In order to always reflect your reflection in the mirror, you can resort to one simple trick: put the mirror in a large wenge color frame.