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12 resistant indoor plants for those who often go on business trips or just forget to water the flowers

Flowers in the house - this is both beauty and benefit. Pots with greens immediately create a feeling of comfort and warmth, but if you throw a flower at a flower bud, you get the impression that spring is about to come. To arrange a winter garden on the windowsill or to decorate the working area, it is not necessary to be an experienced florist. It is enough to choose those plants that are unpretentious. In the review - 12 options indoor plantswhich do not require special care and will easily wait for you from a business trip if you suddenly have to leave for a day or two. And this is not only cacti.

There are many factors that adversely affect indoor plants: this is too dry air near the battery in winter, and lack of lighting. It also happens that you don’t manage to spend too much time on a flower: you forget to water it, you don’t collect the graft in a fresh land, you don’t get to the store for fertilizer. Those who do not have enough time to regularly care for flowers, not only succulents, but even flowering plants will do. Surprised?

1. Money Tree

Money tree for financial well-being.

If you want to have everything in the house according to Feng Shui, feel free to get a money tree (fatty, or beautiful). They say it improves material well-being in the house. True or not - one cannot say for sure, but it is certain that this burly will delight you with beauty for many years and grow into a chic tree.

2. Orchid for the lazy - phalaenopsis

Orchid for the lazy - Phalaenopsis.

Orchids - flowers that require constant care. But among them there was a plant for lazy people. Phalaenopsis is a variety of orchids, the flowers of which resemble butterflies. Their flowering period is about three months, so this is a great option for those who miss exotic things!

3. Aloe - first aid kit

Aloe - first aid kit plant.

Remember what stood on the windowsill in the grandmother's house? Of course, aloe. This flower is a champion in austerity. It survives in any conditions, despite the lack of regular watering, even if the soil in the summer turned to stone. He is not afraid of the winter cold. Aloe juice has healing properties, it is also actively used in cosmetology and in the beauty industry. Need to make a hair mask or enrich the usual hand cream? Add a few drops of aloe juice! Cut or cold? The same recipe!

4. Kalanchoe - beautiful and useful

Kalanchoe is a plant that does not require special care.

Kalanchoe steadfastly withstands the lack of regular watering, as a lot of moisture is collected in fleshy leaves. The flower looks unpretentious, but still pleases with bright inflorescences, and also serves for any mechanical injuries - burns, cuts, and so on. Many mothers of fledged children land Kalanchoe so that first aid is always at hand.

5. Poisonous, but not dangerous euphorbia

Spurge - unpretentious houseplant

A variety of forms of milkweed is not counted. The main difference between these plants and cacti is that they produce a milky sap, which, beware, is dangerous! If you have small children or animals at home, it is better to refrain from such a plant, since it may cause burns if it comes into contact with the skin or mucosa. In all other cases, boldly acquire such a flower: you will not often have to replant it, and you will always have a handsome green home!

6.Plyuch decorator

Curly ivy.

The undoubted advantages of ivy include the fact that this plant is perfect for decorating rooms. It is necessary to tighten the rope, and now ivy on it grows in a given direction. If you wish, you can create a real paradise.

7. Biking tail, aka Teschin language

Ponytail, or Teschin language.

The scientific name of this plant is sansevieria. Its deep emerald color and hard textured funnel leaves catch the eye. The plant does not require special care and quickly grows.

8. Tradescantia - for clean air

Tradescantia is a water freshener.

The plant perfectly "filters" the air, cleaning it from tobacco smoke and household dust. Many plant plants at home to breathe easier. By the way, tradescantia is held in high esteem not only in humans, but also in cats: animals actively eat its leaves. Do not scold the animal for the damage, for it the tradescantia is a medicine.

9. Chlorophytum - air humidifier

Chlorophytum - air humidifier.

The benefits of chlorophytum in winter are simply invaluable: this plant not only cleans the air dried by batteries, but also moisturizes it. A plant with long light green leaves looks very elegant, so that from him not only the use of the house, but also beauty!

10. Ficus for inner harmony

Ficus handsome.

The ficus, of course, requires care, but even an aspiring grower can handle it. To get this plant costs for several reasons: it looks attractive, and, according to Ayurvedic practices, it protects the house from unnecessary anxieties and worries.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that the ficus, for all its attractiveness, is a strong allergen. In addition, the milky juice secreted by him is poisonous. Given these factors, it is not recommended to start ficuses in homes where there are small children and animals.

11.Geran - an abundance of colors and forms

Blooming geranium.

Geranium is the best solution for those who want to admire the beautiful flowering. From the infinite variety of shapes and colors, you can choose what you like. If you seriously care for geraniums, constantly cutting and replanting it, you can achieve a very abundant flowering, but if you let everything go by itself, the flower will still bloom, but less intensely.

12. Haworthia - a variety of forms

Green havortii.

These tiny flowers of various forms are familiar to many. They can be seen everywhere in the green corners, because they practically do not require care, but they please with bright greens all year round. The plant called havortia, easily takes root in rooms where there is little light, can remain for a long time without watering.

Indoor flowers that do not require careful maintenance.